Arribes: Everything Else is Noise / Arribes: el resto es barullo from Zev Robinson on Vimeo.

Zev Robinson’s documentary focuses on the traditonal way of life and its relationship to agriculture, food, and sustainability in the Arribes, Sayago and Abadengo regions in northwest Spain along the Duero River.

El documental de Zev Robinson se centra en el modo de vida tradicional y su relación con la agricultura, la comida y la sostenibilidad en las regiones de Arribes, Sayago y Abadengo, al noroeste de España junto al río Duero.

The DVD is available for universities and institutions here via Dark Hollow Films –

For information about purchasing the DVD in Europe or screening the film, please contact me at zevrobinson (at) gmail (dot) com

There’s an Arribes Facebook page for events and news, so please follow us there


Main Articles and Posts

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El Mundo (in Spanish), by Estafanía Vasconcellos El futuro también es esto
English translation – This is Also the Future

Rachel Laudan post about the film and sustainable farming –

My experiences making the film – (En Español –

Very nice blog on the film and my work in general – Spanish Culture Documentary – “Arribes: Everything else is noise”


En español –

El Economista ¿Sabemos lo que comemos?

La Opinion de Zamora El documental sobre Arribes llega a centros educativos de Estados Unidos

La Opinion de Zamora Zev Robinson defiende la filosofía del autoabastecimiento en los Arribes del Duero

Music/Musica: Luis Pedraza de Castro

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