Life on the Douro, Trip no. 5, Day 1 in Porto

I’m feel an urgency to get some very high quality shots to finish Life on the Douro.

Yesterday, I got a few hours of shooting in Gaia and Porto. Great, sunny day, and I had to ruefully tear myself away to go have lunch with Ryan and Gabriella Opaz of and then we all went to celebrate Oscar Quevedo’s wedding with Nadia, both very enjoyable events, but in the back of my mind, there always lurks a voice saying, “You could have been shooting”. Some stills below.

Very much enjoyed catching up with Andre Riberinho of and girlfriend Beatriz, taking about possible visits to Lisbon in the future.

I also had a great conversation with Gustavo Devesas, a Marketing Manager with Symington’s and son of Jean Philippe, owner of Vinologia, a fantastic Port wine bar with some 200 different bottles, and who I interviewed on my first trip over a year ago. Gustavo was also part of the insane party including Roy Hersh and Oscar Quevedo who sampled eight “francesinhas” in one day to rate the best in Porto. One is a normal person’s limit.

All these little circles and connections that make life interesting.

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