The Art and Politics of Eating – Proposal for an Exhibition on and with Food

The Art and Politics of Eating – Proposal for an Exhibition on and with Food

Since 2008, I’ve been directing a series of documentaries on the relationship between food, wine, agriculture and sustainability in Spain which have screened internationally, followed by wine tastings and talks about the complex matter of food production.

The films are now to be combined with photographs by Albertina Torres and my  paintings on similar themes, along with wine and food tastings in a scalable art project called The Art and Politics of Eating, bringing a greater focus on the questions of sustainability of our food and ecosystems while looking at the nature of art and art forms and their relationship to our lives.

In collaboration with local chefs, caterers and Spanish restaurants, tapas and sit down meals would consumed surrounded by art, photography and video installations that gives the experience a cultural and geographical context – the faces, hands, toil and plants and animals that enable us to eat. Traditionally, it has always been that way when people produced their own food, and only in modern urban life have the two – food and agriculture – been separated. The Art and Politics of Eating is an experience in bringing the two back together. It may be somewhat disconcerting to some, but it is a thought provoking experience and glimpse into a reality to which urban living makes us oblivious. It also examines the relationship between painting, photography, video and food as media, as culture and as art forms.

Please download the proposal for a more complete description – The Art and Politics of Eating Proposal

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