Arribes: Everything else is noise

Just a quick update on my upcoming Arribes documentary. I’m working hard on editing it and the plan is for it to be ready for for a screening in London in November, and maybe even in NYC at the end of October. It will focus on the relationship between agriculture, food, sustainability and traditions in the isolated region in NW Spain. People produce 50-99% of their own food, but it isn’t an easy, idyllic life either, and I want to show the issues in all their complexity.

Here are some stills from the annual killing of one or more pigs that families do in December. Virtually everything is used, producing sausages and jamon, and it feeds people throughout the year. An older trailer using material from the first two trips to Arribes, before I decided on the film’s focus and returned four more times, can be seen below. A new trailer should be out by early September.


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  1. José Luis García Herrero says:

    Hi! My mother was born in Roelos, one of the small villages you visited. I spend some days there every summer and it is like living in another age, especially coming from Madrid… I would be so glad to know when the documentary will be released and through which media channels.

    Thanks a lot

    • zev says:

      Muchas gracias, José Luis. There was a screening last week in Madrid en El Matadero. Unfortunately, we were given the small Sala for only 70 people, so about 50 people were left without tickets. We’ll probably do another screening, but not until the autumn. Right now, the DVD is available in Europe for 18 Euros, shipping included. Please write to for more information (en castellano o inglés, es igual).

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