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The Art and Politics of Painting

A new documentary project about the history of art, linking painting, the artist and the social context in which it was made. Continue reading

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Vermeer’s Imagination

as I’m not currently working on any food and sustainability related documentary at present – though more are on the horizon – I now have a window of opportunity to start one on Vermeer that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. Continue reading

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Art and Ego: Rembrandt and Hirst

Later on, Vermeer would make extraordinary universes out of small rooms in the provincial town of Delft, but Rembrandt needed to leave his native Leiden for Amsterdam in order to drape his sitters in exotic costumes and enjoy the worldly … Continue reading

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Unstuck in Time

He sits there lifesize or perhaps larger-than-life, still frozen almost 50 years later, with the vacant stare of a witness struck dumb and nothing at all like the numerous small reproductions seen so often in books and magazines. Don McCullin … Continue reading

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The Art and Politics of Eating – Proposal for an Exhibition on and with Food

The Art and Politics of Eating – Proposal for an Exhibition on and with Food Since 2008, I’ve been directing a series of documentaries on the relationship between food, wine, agriculture and sustainability in Spain which have screened internationally, followed … Continue reading

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Arribes: This Is Also The Future

How exotic to see a pig being cut open with its intestines still hot and steamy. The smell cannot penetrate the screen, but anyone who has witnessed a pig slaughter knows how thick and warm it is, blending in with the stench of scorched skin. How awful to see a knife stuck in the pig’s throat, bleeding into a bucket to be used for blood sausages, and then its innards being pulled out. Continue reading

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Arribes: el resto es barullo

Siempre he vivido en grandes ciudades, donde compraba en tiendas o supermercados la comida o cualquier otro producto. Aparte de si era ecológica o no, si llevaba demasiados aditivos, sal o azúcar, nunca le presté demasiada atención, como la mayoría de los urbanitas, ajenos a la experiencia de cómo y de dónde proviene la comida. En España, el padre de mi mujer todavía trabaja sus viñedos a pesar de una artritis producida por muchos años de duro esfuerzo en el campo, un campo ingrato donde el granizo o una helada temprana pueden hacer peligrar la cosecha a punto de recoger. Recuerdo comprar una botella de vino en Londres y pararme a pensar en lo poco sabía qué hay detrás de esa botella y lo que cuesta elaborar ese vino. Continue reading

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Arribes: Everything else is noise

Just a quick update on my upcoming Arribes documentary. I’m working hard on editing it and the plan is for it to be ready for for a screening in London in November, and maybe even in NYC at the end … Continue reading

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Painting and Documentaries

Working on my documentaries left me with little time to paint for a few years, but the Dinastia Vivanco Wine Museum (Museo de la Cultura del Vino) offered me an exhibtion opening on March 22, running until June 17, and … Continue reading

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Life on the Douro in California and Toronto

Life on the Douro screenings in Los Angeles, San Francisco and at the Toronto Portuguese Film Festival and Paso Robles Film Festival Life on the Douro will be screening in LA and San Francisco on November 15 and 17, repsectively, … Continue reading

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